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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Last call for patches
Date Thu, 08 Feb 1996 22:24:34 GMT
> Or, presumably, 1.1b1, since no doubt there will be a couple rounds of 
> bugs to fix before we want to call it 1.1. (though hopefully it won't 
> take as long as 1.0 did... but still, I think a couple weeks of public 
> testing and bug fixing and testing some more wouldn't hurt it. We don't 
> want our "stable" release to be buggy, now, do we?)

I'm glad you put "stable" in quotes. We have difficulty agreeing on
when Apache is stable. 1.1b1 is fine by me. As long as we keep thing

> Yeah... BTW, I've volunteered to build 1.1b1, and I'd still like to do 
> that, if possible.

Sure. How much do you want to bid for it?   :-)

Re: keepalives
> So now I'm just scratching my head and going "huh"?

what happens when there's a 'R' in the month?

> ...................... I think Rob McCool is on this
> list... Rob, do you know anything? Do any of the NCSA people (they're here
> too, aren't they?) 

Yup, we have listeners from NCSA, Netscape and Microsoft. (Brandon,
that's not meant to imply anything.. uttering NCSA in the same breath
as the dynamic duo  ;-)

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