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From Jakub Jelinek>
Subject Re: mod_ftp - a new module
Date Thu, 08 Feb 1996 11:17:41 GMT
> > The idea sounds great. I doubt if I'll get to install it locally
> > for some time. The version running on your site worked though :-)
> Couldn't resists so I fired it up here.
> First the good news,
>  it's relatively easy to install and setup
> the bad news
>  it doesn't work (bad html?).
> There's something seriously wrong with the HTML that's getting
> created. First it uses tables - not a good idea IMO. 
Is there any way to find out with some level of guarantee that the browser
can use tables? Like if I can rely on Mozilla/1.0* Mozilla/2.0* =>
use_tables. Does anybody know which browsers do support tables and which
don't? I can then write it to use tables when possible and if not, use fixed
font instead (like it is in mod_dir). But tables look much nicer anyway.
BTW: I would like to know there which browsers support Java as well - 
is it safe to test for Mozilla/2.0* and later? Doesn't MS Explorer :=(( say
the same? Which browsers support Java and from which versions?
> My Netscape
> (2.0 under X) seriously screws up. I can't figure out why.
> The machine is firewalled so the best I can do is attach the HTML
> to this mail. My title is displayed and then dissapears :-(, any
> attempt to use the scrollbar makes the entire table vanish.
> None of the conventional <A HREF=""></A> urls in the tables are
> active.
> I never use tables so can't help trace the problem.
Was it just the problem you've reported with the </TABLE>?
This is already fixed in my copy.

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