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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: 2 thorns attacked
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 10:43:54 GMT
> >Already done. So I guess this answers David's question too.
> >ScoreBoardFile /usr/tmp/foobar
> Indeed. I was just wondering whether the default should be /usr/tmp
> or the log directory.
> How would this fit with 23.mmap patch, which avoids having to use a
> scoreboard file altogether?

23.mmap needs some work to get it to patch against 
my 1.0.2 (+other patches). 

For future reference if the patch is updated for 1.0.2, HPUX seems to
define MAP_ANONYMOUS instead of MAP_ANON, so add somewhere,

#ifndef MAP_ANON

It seems to work under HPUX. Well the server's running. God knows 
what the children are doing now that the httpd_monitor has no use.

How about defining

ScoreBoardFile use-mmap

To switch it on?    Mmmmm, that'd mean I could switch to a file based
scoreboard to watch httpd_monitor then back to mmap to optimise for

 does Apache have as many config options as a top of the range Sony VCR yet?

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