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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Two new modules (controlling Expires header)
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 09:34:45 GMT
> I'm convinced.
> But I still think the syntax sucks.

I don't think Andy invented it, he copied it from CERN? so it's at
least consistent with existing use.

> Clearly there is a need to set an absolute expiry date;
> howabout
> "13 Jun 1996 12:46"    expires on this day
> "10 days"              let the client keep the document for 10 days (=A864000)
> is there much point in allowing dates relative to the Last-Modified time?

yes. e.g. I have a document (or collection of documents) that I
update once a week. I want them all to expire just after I make my
next scheduled update.

I do see a use for your "expires on this day" approach. It can be done
with mod_cern.c but better to add support for it in mod_expires some


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