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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: documentation for imap kinda... bogus?
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 14:16:27 GMT
> is pretty skimpy, and I notce that
> for elements like "poly", "point", two sets of x,y coordinates are given, and
> I don't see how that's accurate at all.  The tutorial at
> is a fair 
> amount better, we should probably either point to that or revise ours.  
> Looks like Randy was the last one to touch it :)
> And am I the only one really thrown off by the fact that circles are 
> defined using the centerpoint and an edgepoint, instead of a centerpoint 
> and a radius?  eek.
> 	Brian

There is a new mod_imap and documentation in *one of* the incoming
directories. This was uploaded by Nathan Kurz. The cleanup in the
mod_imap looks good, and the documentation is nicely done.

I think that there is still a problem with relative mapfiles in his
version and have been trying to find some time to get back to it
to give it a go. It probably should be thrown into the soup of
patches since there is also a mod_imap patch being considered.


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