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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Two new modules (controlling Expires header)
Date Tue, 06 Feb 1996 11:13:47 GMT
David wrote:
> I don't think you want the A or M stuff.

I disagree.

> Either:
> You really know the expiration date for a document, in which case you'd want
> Expires myfile "13 Jun 1996 12:46"
> _or_ you wish to set a 'lifetime' for a document, so you'd want
> Expires myfile  "10 days"
> which would expire it 10 days after it was last modified.

Fine, but what if you have two documents and want the former for one
and the latter for the other?

> There is absolutely no good reason to change the expiry date on an file
> simply because it was accessed.

Sure there is.

the "A" lets you say "okay you have the document, but you'll need to
                      come back in a week to check for an update"

the "M" lets you say "okay ou have the document, but you'll have to
                      come back a week after it was modified to check for
                      an update"

"A" makes sure people come back at regular (but different) times, and
"M" makes sure people come back at specific times.

Having just "M" will cause everyone to refresh on (or near) the same day. 
Having just "A" means that old information can linger long after an update.

Both are usful.

Alexei reminded me about mod_expires.c so I switched to it this morning
and dropped the mod_cern.c I started using to send out Expires. Both
worked as advertised and well. mod_expires.c better suits what I need.


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