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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: Patch to implement Keep-Alive
Date Mon, 05 Feb 1996 14:44:56 GMT
Last time, Dirk.vanGulik uttered the following other thing:
> >     Mozilla/2.0b6a 
> >         via Harvest Cache version 1.4pl0
> >             via Harvest Cache version 1.4pl2
> > 
> > I wonder just how much faster the web looks via stacked caches....
> --- angry rant coming -- ignore ---
> Just as an esoteric note; why on earth does that crappy MS Explorer
> product ly to the world and tell it it is called Modzilla; I just
> wasted four hours writing some code so the MS-E would get a special
> page with all the < and > escpaed (their textedit stripts out html)
> only to find out that you canNOT distinguish between the two.

See the _very_ long discussion about this on www-talk.
If you aren't on it, there is probably an archive on the w3 server.

The latest one started because the Mac version of the MIE browser
has an option for what to set the User-Agent field to:

>From www-talk: Marc Hedlund <>:
> Mac IE gives the user a choice of User-Agent strings.  You can choose to 
> identify yourself as Internet Explorer (by which they still mean 
>         Mozilla/1.21 (compatible; MSIE 2.0B; Mac_PowerPC)
> !), Netscape 1.2 (
>         Mozilla/1.22(Macintosh; I; PowerPC)
> ), Netscape 2.0 (this one was on by default....*sigh*
>         Mozilla/2.0b3(Macintosh; I; PowerPC)
> ), or even a custom string that you enter!  (I chose 
>         I-am-not-netscape-i-am-internet-explorer/2.0B
> .)

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