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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: port to the BeBox?
Date Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:49:52 GMT
Last time, Robert S. Thau uttered the following other thing:
>   2) sockets are not inherited across fork() calls.  I see this as being a 
>   bigger problem.
> Yup... it's a problem.  There are three common styles of Unix servers
> that I'm aware of:

[Good description of current servers deleted]
You did miss the threaded servers and async servers, but nothing 
big is doing that yet.  (Paul Phillips Boa, and the Spyglass server,
though I'm not sure if its threaded or not (its available for SunOS, which
doesn't have threads, but it could be using pthreads for all I know)).

> All of these involve transferring permissions on sockets between processes,
> either by traditional Unix-style inheritance (as in the first and second
> approaches), or more recherche methods.  
> Still, there's got to be *some* way to write servers on a BeBox (one hopes!)
> --- perhaps they're all threaded, or perhaps there's some incantation which
> can cause sockets to be transferred among processes even if it doesn't
> necessarily happen automatically.

I think the thread model is the prefered way of doing things.  If memory
serves, they even have a "threaded" windowing system where every window
has its own thread.  Supposed to be amazingly responsive because of the
2 processors.


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