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From Peter Skelly (Hall Kinion) <>
Subject RE: Protocol Abstraction - where we're at...
Date Tue, 16 Jan 1996 11:44:09 GMT

I've been thinking about how the Apache core interacts with the protocol stuff
from a PCT standpoint (PCT is a lot like SSL in that respect).  I think 
it would
be useful to abstract the protocol stuff at this point (protocol being 
the communication
channel protocol, not HTTP).  The underlying workings of the protocol system
obviously needs some design work, and probably some time to evolve, so
I'd like an interface to the protocol 'engine' that allows that.

As I see it, the interface to the communication channel protocol engine 
would need to do the following:

* Determine the protocol to be used for this connection (PCT, SSL, 
Lemmings with notes tied to their back), and establish a session.

* Report the type of connection this is (stream or block)

* Report the block sizes acceptable to this connection if it is (block)

* Send buffer and Receive buffer.

* putc and getc for Stream connections only.

* restart connection - Useful in secure connections to perform the 
handshaking required
  to re-issue keys, and such.

* close connection.

On top of this protocol, it would be useful to put a bufferd stream 
system, so the equivalent
of getc, putc, printf and scanf would be avaliable.

Comments please - I've not thought about this in respect to things like 

Peter J. Skelly and

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