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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Proxy module available... use at own risk.
Date Tue, 23 Jan 1996 11:50:00 GMT
Alexei wrote:
>> from the remote server, I also try to avoid breaking on
>> A-Header: xxx
>> A-Header: yyy
>I don't break. I merge. Combine them to A-Header: xxx, yyy - perfectly 

Yes, it's legal; I just wish it didn't cause any problems (as it does
with the netscape cookies, sigh).

> > ><Directory>
> > >
> > >which would enable restrictions for just access to And so 
> > >forth. Common sense probably works here.
> > 
> > Hmm, I chose to have all these 'filenames' prefixed with the module name,
> > i.e.
> > <Directory proxy:http:*>
> > ...
> > this wastes less of the namespace, and suggests this as a general feature
> > (for 1.1) for mapping 'modules' into the URL space. e.g. you write a
> > stats module which returns statistics about the server, you would protect
> > it with
> > <Directory stats:*>

>However, stats is not something that can really be returned by the 

Yes it is! The server could return a page like
<title>Apache server statistics</title>
Number of active children: 10


>A file is. A proxy URL is. What I'm getting at is that your 
>"general feature" is as much of a hack as mine is, but mine is more 
>intuitive. <Directory> should be replaced with something else, because, 
>as it says, it's not protecting a directory in this case. At any rate, I 
>think people would rather use http: then proxy:http:, which doesn't make 
>a lot of sense.

Well, sure it is a hack, but it seemed the simplest 'hack' for 1.0.
Ideally there would be another tag instead of 'Directory' for protecting
these objects (proxy requests etc.) But as yet, there isn't.

One advantage of putting the module name in there is so that
<Directory proxy:*>
protects the _entire_ proxy server functionality. Otherwise, to restrict
access to the proxy server one would have to list all the protocols it
supported, i.e.
<Directory http:*>
lots of stuff
<Directory ftp:*>
lots of stuff

> > >Pass /apache/
> > >
> > >Which does the obvious.
> > 
> > I think it is neater (and more general) to have
> > Alias /apache/ proxy:
> It may be "neater", but it makes a heck of lot less sense to the user. It
> As much as you may think it looks like a "general solution", it screams to
> me "hack! hack! hack! hack! hack!", since proxy: is and will never be a 
> filename for Alias to point at. Pass at least makes sense, since both 
> parts are URLs (or partial URLs), and can be happy that way.

Well, what syntax would you suggest for including objects in the URL
space of the server which don't map to files?

Yes, one could have a new ad hoc directive for each object, i.e.

Pass /apache/
ServerStats /stats     # URL to access server statistics
RemoteConfigure /config  # URL to reconfigure server

but wouldn't some combined syntax be better? Perhaps
Install <URL> <module> <option>

Install /apache proxy
Install /stats  stats
Install /config configure

my suggested
Alias <URL> <module>:<option>
was an attempt at a temporary hack to do this.

Please, does anyone have an opinion about this??


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