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From (David Robinson)
Subject Votes for patches to 1.0.1
Date Tue, 16 Jan 1996 15:34:00 GMT
Please vote on the following patches for 1.0.1 (These are on hyperreal
in the for_Apache_1.0.1 directory.)


  From: Chuck Murcko <>
  Subject: UnixWare 2.x patch
  Affects: Configuration, rfc931.c
   ChangeLog: patch to get Apache compiled on UnixWare 2.x, recommended as
             a temporary measure, pending rewrite of rfc931.c

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Set AUTH_TYPE variable for CGI scripts
  Affects: http_protocol.c
  ChangeLog: Fix get_basic_auth_pw() to set the auth_type of the request.

  From: (Randy Terbush)
  Effects: conf.h
  Problem: past changes to http_config.c to only use the
           setrlimit function on systems defining RLIMIT_NOFILE
           broke the feature on SUNOS4. The following patch defines
           HAVE_RESOURCE for SUNOS and prototypes the needed functions.
  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Fix possible security holes due to stack overwriting
  Affects: http_log.c, http_log.h, http_main.c, mod_cookies.c, mod_include.c,
           mod_log_common.c, mod_log_referer.c
  ChangeLog: Remove uses of MAX_STRING_LEN/HUGE_STRING_LEN from several

  From: Cliff Skolnick <>
  Subject: Fix bad pointer
  Affects: mod_negotiation.c
  ChangeLog: Fix use of pointer to scratch memory

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Read multiple headers from CGI script
  Affects: util_script.c
  ChangeLog: Merge multiple headers from CGI script instead of taking last one

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