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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Offline HTML docs & documentation versions
Date Thu, 04 Jan 1996 18:25:00 GMT
>I've had a few requests recently for some form of HTML readable
>documentation to be made available that can be taken offline.  so that
>people don't have to be on the net to read our docs from
>and so that they don't have to cart a bunch of paper about with them

Is html easier to read than PostScript?

>Ok, so, how about the existing HTML pages (and future HTML editions of
>David's manual) be accompanied by a link to a docs.html.tar.gz or some
>such archive that people can download and unzip on their own

It's possible; my only reservation is that it isn't just a single file,
but many, and so may not be particularly managable.

>The archive's index.html page should have a prominent link back to the
>original source site. 

It does. Obviously not prominent enough.

>And, since the server's going to be update quite a lot in the near future
>(god and CVS willing) there should be some kind of expiry date also
>available.  Something like:
>        "The Apache webserver can be changed rapidly and it's
>        documentation will also be updated frequently.  Be sure that
>        you have an up to date copy of this documentation, preferably
>        not older than 3 months.  This is version 0.0.5 of the
>        documentation, released 03.Jan.1996"
>['scuse the english]
>David's nominally in charge of documentation.  How does this sit with
>you David?  Does it make sense?  Can this be done in accordance with
>the idea of having a single master copy of the documentation from which
>all formats can be derived?

It's ok; but I wasn't planning on changing the documentation frequently.


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