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From Matthew Gray <>
Subject Re: idea for new module...
Date Thu, 25 Jan 1996 17:07:03 GMT
> What do you say?

I run a search engine that gets a similar profile of hits.
The 'best' strings to include based on what people search for are:

Sex related:		sex, adult, nude, playboy, porn, porno, erotica, 
			pornography, erotic, gay, penthouse, pussy, bondage, 
			girls, xxx, nudity, nudes, hustler
Non-sex related:	yahoo, chat, music, games, pictures, netscape, weather

41 out of the top 100 searches are sex related. 7 out of the top 10.  And 
the string 'sex' itself is searched for more often than any other by a 
factor of more than 3.  Boy, and people wonder what's driving the growth 
of the Internet.

So, in order to determine which pages to include these random insertions 
in, I guess we'll have to implement XXXBITHACK? :-)


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