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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Offline HTML docs & documentation versions
Date Sun, 07 Jan 1996 04:01:19 GMT
On Wed, 3 Jan 1996, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Ok, so, how about the existing HTML pages (and future HTML editions of
> David's manual) be accompanied by a link to a docs.html.tar.gz or some
> such archive that people can download and unzip on their own
> filespace.

Welp, the FTP server on hyperreal is configured to let you grab a whole 
directory by asking for directory.tar.gz, so for example

is everything under /docs.  Maybe the documentation structure could be 
laid out to make this work a little better than it does now?  (i.e., 
grabbing the HTML, but not the postscript and all the other assorted 
niceties in the directory).



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