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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: The List
Date Wed, 17 Jan 1996 21:09:59 GMT
On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> Since you've poked at it more than the rest of us, could you make a stab 
> at least at what such an api might look like?  I don't see why an MD5 
> module needs to wait for that, unless you're concerned about N different 
> authentication methods proliferating into N different modules...

It doesn't, I guess. But that is what I'm concerned about. At any rate, I
really am not familiar enough with the facets of C needed to generate an
auth API, someone else can do it, but I guess I'd be more than happy to
write a mod_md5 stand-alone. Probably with just flat-file and DBM support.
I'll do that. 

> Actually, the content negotiation subgroup isn't going to have a huge 
> list of changes - as defined in HTTP/1.1 content negotiation is fine for 

Okay... I wasn't sure about that, and I figured it was probably safer to 
wait until any implementation beyond what we have now is done.

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