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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject mod_actions - finale?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 1996 05:40:46 GMT
All right...

I didn't get any responses to my request for problems with 
mod_actions.v2.c, so I assume there were none. I've been running with it 
here for a couple weeks, no problems. So I've uploaded to hyperreal as 
httpd/incoming/mod_actions.patch a patch that:

1) Adds mod_actions.c to the source directory
2) Adds a relevant Configuration script entry
3) Puts in a cheesy cgi-bin script as an example (a shell script that adds
   a footer to HTML files - not a bad thought, actually, and a good use for
   actions) Note that you must chmod +x it manually - patch doesn't.
4) Adds srm.conf-dist copy about Actions and commented-out Action lines
   for the above-mentioned cheesy CGI script.

Could someone please move this into for_Apache_1.1b0? And, since no one 
has done it, I am reiterating my request to have someone move icons.tar 
and icons.patch from httpd/incoming to for_Apache_1.1b0. I realize I 
forgot a header for icons.patch, here is one:

From: Kevin Hughes <> and Alexei Kosut 
Subject: Updated icons for Apache
Requires: icons.tar, uploaded seperately
Affects: ../conf/srm.conf-dist
Changelog: Update to the icon set, and apache_pb (Powered by Apache!) logo
Comments: All existing srm.confs that worked before will still work.

And, on another note... last week, I started looked into adding MD5 digest
authentication to Apache, as per the current Internet Draft. (If anyone's
working on this already, please speak up now and I'll stop looking). 
However, the current auth code is decidedly not designed for use with
multiple authentication types. One would have to write a mod_md5_auth and
a mod_md5_auth_dbm and so forth and again for each additional auth type we
want to support. So obviously we need a better way. Anyone have any
thoughts on how this should be done? (the actual MD5 part seems easy, this
would be the hard part). 

I think that's it for now. Thanks.

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