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From Nathan Schrenk <>
Subject Help with generating patches
Date Tue, 16 Jan 1996 21:19:04 GMT

Hi all,

a while ago I sent a fix for the timeout problemswith Apache experienced by 
some sites to the list.  It was not in patch form, and a couple people 
have asked me to submit a patch.  I don't have any experience generating 
the style of patches I see submitted, and so I'd like some pointers as to 
the best way to go about generating one.  I tried using diff (stock 
Solaris diff) but I couldn't figure out which flags to use to generate 
the correct style of patch.

Is there a place I can go and read up on how to generate a proper patch 
for submission to Apache?



Nathan Schrenk
Neoglyphics Media Corp.                    

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