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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: Two new modules (controlling Expires header)
Date Mon, 29 Jan 1996 12:52:41 GMT
> I met some CERN devotees a couple of months ago and since then
> they've been perstering me to fix Apache to do some more CERNesque
> stuff.  I was holding off but it seemed timely to put in some effort
> in light of recent conversations about Expires header control.
> CERN has a general mechanism for providing additional per-file meta
> information, in the form of additional MIME headers which can be
> issued on a request.  Read the source and CERN's docs for more juice:

We have an apache module here which can do two things; firstly in
a html document (mime-type triggered) it can strip out the
<meta>..</meta>, secondly it can trap a mime meta header and
thirdly it knows about /dir/ and /dir/

This is visible to the user in two places; firstly there are
a few Expired and Last-Modifed fields it controls, (always
send out) and secondly

Using a META request (rather than HEAD, GET or PUT)  will
send you the meta data.

Anyone wants to play ?; we can clean it up.


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