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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.0.0 ignores HUP
Date Thu, 18 Jan 1996 11:49:57 GMT
Seen this problem a couple of times now.  Anyone know if this
solution is reasonable?

Ay. (Will Day) wrote:
>A short time ago, at a computer terminal far, far, away, Ben Beecher wrote:
>>We are running Apache 1.0.0 compiled with the mod_log_config module,
>>running on two identical Solaris 2.4 machines with the current jumbo
>>patch.  On one machine the server works properly, but on the other
>>machine it ignores HUPs and is not logging any requests.  Can you help
>>us identify the problem?
>When I set up Apache/1.0.0 on a couple of our Solaris 2.4 machines
>here, I observed the same behavior.  After adding the following to the
>bottom of httpd.h, it worked fine:
>#ifdef SOLARIS2
>	#define signal sigset
>#endif /* SOLARIS2 */
>I'm not sure of the details; one of the other system programmers had
>suggested this, as he said he'd seen problems with Solaris signal
>handling with the "signal" call before.
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