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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject spyglass
Date Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:02:09 GMT


	my pet student-webadmin, charged with downloading any and all
software available and trying to find ways for it to screw my company
in a production environment took about 5 minutes to determine that

a)	it's not 101% compatible with NCSA 1.3
b)	it coredumps big-time when the conf file is messed up
d)	SSI seemingly not available
e)      extremely easy to configure.  1 binary, one conf file, no need
	for voodoo programmers to keep it running (provided you can get
	it started)
f)	API is really nice
g)	everyone should take time to print out and read the webbed docs,
	some nice left-field ideas that are new, at least to UNIX serverdom
h)	it's got a lot going for it, but right now we'll stick with
	NCSA/Apache/NS and all the legacy code that these support

Mmm, so it's more than just hot air.


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