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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: The List
Date Tue, 16 Jan 1996 10:23:10 GMT
> <li>	Allow "ErrorDocument" anywhere (One line change but needs user 
> 		configuration)

There's actually a patch for this which I upped about the same time we
went into our code freeze, infact it got voted out cuz it was an
enhancement.  It allies with an extension to the number of overridable
options (another path) upping the number from 8 to 16 (int -> long).  I
submitted that one too.  I've seen a similar request for more
'bitspace' in a newsgroup this month, but for the addition of other
functionality, so I think that it's timely.

> * Wish List *

Some concept of what it takes to have a module become part of the
distribution, rather than one of the contrib modules.  Tick all of?:

	[ ]	author available to help in fixing any problems
	[ ]	documentation made available to whoever's looking
		after the paperwork



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