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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: The List
Date Tue, 16 Jan 1996 10:03:32 GMT
    [Mmm, reply to's semantics have changed.  I'm sure that I didn't
    have to esxplicitly set the To: new-httpd header before ?!]

> Hmm, I'm sensing the development fires to be cooling somewhat.

I finish my 1 year's contract this Friday (honest, it's like boot camp
out there) so I can start shovelling coal next Monday, for a couple of

> Perhaps 
> if we had a list of projects to focus on, we'd be better off?  In that 
> hope, I wrote up into an HTML file a list of things I've been scrawling on
> various scraps of paper up to this point, to see if perhaps we could 
> prioritize the work we do so we don't get overwhelmed with the number of 
> things on our plate?

Yum.  I've got a couple of patches doing the rounds out in bugs land
which I'll wrap up and upload over the weekend.  I think I'll also
summarise this months apache-bugs traffic, such as I've seen, it's been
a bit quiet.

> A stab at that is at  It's split up into 
> a list of known bugs (at least the ones I could remember), things we have 
> agreed would be a Good Thing to put on the to-do list, and finally "wish 
> list" items.  I'd like to first ask for submissions for additional 
> entries on the list, and then after that we can talk about priorities.  
> Howzatsound?

I hear it.  There's a lot of slack in the area of configuration, Carl
Kalbfleisch's modular management interface proposals, and Brandon
Gillespie's autoconf ideas spring to mind.  And yeah, I'd *love* apache
to have the option to warn rather then fail when it hit a directive it
didn't understand.


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