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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject mod_env.c...
Date Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:38:13 GMT

... has been copied to  The
module's been used for a while now by people converting from CERN to
Apache and the nth bug report of the week asking for this convinced me
to make it public.  From the module's header:

This module allows Apache's CGI and SSI environment to inherit
environment variables from the shell which invoked the httpd process.
CERN webservers are able to do this, so this module is especially
useful to webadmins who wish to migrate from CERN to Apache without
rewriting all their scripts
The module accepts two new directives, PassEnv and SetEnv both of which
may appear in configuration files, but not in .htaccess files.  The
directives may also appear inside VirtualHost sections so that a
different set of environment variables may be exported to each virtual
host.  You can add the following sorts of commands to your httpd.conf 
     # The default server knows about SPECIAL_PATH
     # .foo. needs additional special paths
     SetEnv FOO_PATH /virtual/foo/bin
     # .bar. overrides the default special path
     SetEnv SPECIAL_PATH /virtual/bar/bin


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