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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: HTTP-ng, Anonymous and mSQL-Auth
Date Thu, 04 Jan 1996 12:09:47 GMT

Sorry about that, Here are a few URLs with some explanations:


	(Basically having multiple streams over one connection to
	 overcome the slow seeker packets, and avoiding the open-
	 as-many-as-you-like kind of antisocial behaviour) It can
	also be implemented on cache level.

	Anyone working on this ?? Please speak up, I am quite
	desperate to do some test; with more and more firewalls	
	and caches it is quite an asset for us if we can ship
	our pages out on one stream to a remote site, rather
	than clogging up others people genuine telnet sessions.
> > - Has anyone also written a PICS module; if not, is anyone
> >   interested in doing so ? We have a simple version, for 'proof-
> >   of-principle' testing here but lack the desire to do serious
> >   interop. testing.
> What's PICS?  Do you have any URLs that we can visit that would tell us
> more about PICS?

	but also Ted Hardies work on VAC in the IETF.

It is some silly content-rating to sidestep the porn-is-all-over
the web issue.

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