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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject PATCH UPLOADED Re: again - patch correction
Date Thu, 04 Jan 1996 10:16:25 GMT
> This just is not my night.  I must not be paying proper attention.  Here is
> the -correct- patch.  I forgot the pstrdup in the mod_cgi patch.
> I think I'm gonna stop working and go home before I cause any more damage :).

The third and most correct version of Adam's patch is now online as for_Apache_1.0.0/78.preserve_redirect_method.patch

Note:  there's a 61a.preserve_redirect.patch in there too which reads:

From: (Adam Sussman)
Subject: Preserve query portion of URL in mod_dir.c redirects
Affects: mod_dir.c
ChangeLog: Internal redirects which occur in mod_dir.c do not preserve the
        query portion of a request (the bit after the question mark).  If
        the directory index is redirected to a script or has an include,
        the query string is lost before invocation.

but it's not the same thing. ;)


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