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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Offline HTML docs & documentation versions
Date Wed, 03 Jan 1996 21:01:59 GMT


I've had a few requests recently for some form of HTML readable
documentation to be made available that can be taken offline.  so that
people don't have to be on the net to read our docs from
and so that they don't have to cart a bunch of paper about with them

Ok, so, how about the existing HTML pages (and future HTML editions of
David's manual) be accompanied by a link to a docs.html.tar.gz or some
such archive that people can download and unzip on their own

The archive's index.html page should have a prominent link back to the
original source site.  And, since the server's going to be update quite
a lot in the near future (god and CVS willing) there should be some
kind of expiry date also available.  Something like:

	"The Apache webserver can be changed rapidly and it's
	documentation will also be updated frequently.  Be sure that
	you have an up to date copy of this documentation, preferably
	not older than 3 months.  This is version 0.0.5 of the
	documentation, released 03.Jan.1996"

['scuse the english]

David's nominally in charge of documentation.  How does this sit with
you David?  Does it make sense?  Can this be done in accordance with
the idea of having a single master copy of the documentation from which
all formats can be derived?

Ay. (damn, still haven't documented that sodding module...)

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