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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: HTTP-ng, Anonymous and mSQL-Auth
Date Wed, 03 Jan 1996 11:04:16 GMT

> - Because we got fed up with questions, mainly from the mSQL
>   list; I wrote a small test/demo suite for mSQL and apache.
>   (A copy resides somewhere on hypperreal.) Would it be worthwile
>   to expand on this ?

We could make greater use of this.  Either as an examples directory in
the distribution or more effectively as a new 'tutorials' page on

> - Has anyone also written a PICS module; if not, is anyone
>   interested in doing so ? We have a simple version, for 'proof-
>   of-principle' testing here but lack the desire to do serious
>   interop. testing.

What's PICS?  Do you have any URLs that we can visit that would tell us
more about PICS?

>   Q: Is the need felt for this; i.e. the time spend on making it
>   a generic rahter than '' only version ?

Mmm.  Best to make it general I guess.  The principal advantage to you
as a developer is that you'll get a much greater amount of feedback
because many more people will be using the work you produce.  This can
only have positive implications for the quality of the code and for
your understanding of the problem.

Er, and it means we'll all be able to use it too.

> Dw.


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