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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: mod_actions - finale?
Date Wed, 03 Jan 1996 10:22:38 GMT
> I didn't get any responses to my request for problems with 
> mod_actions.v2.c, so I assume there were none. I've been running with it 
> here for a couple weeks, no problems. So I've uploaded to hyperreal as 
> httpd/incoming/mod_actions.patch a patch that:
> 1) Adds mod_actions.c to the source directory
> 2) Adds a relevant Configuration script entry
> 3) Puts in a cheesy cgi-bin script as an example (a shell script that adds
>    a footer to HTML files - not a bad thought, actually, and a good use for
>    actions) Note that you must chmod +x it manually - patch doesn't.
> 4) Adds srm.conf-dist copy about Actions and commented-out Action lines
>    for the above-mentioned cheesy CGI script.
> Could someone please move this into for_Apache_1.1b0?

Now for_Apache_1.1b0/73.mod_actions.patch

> And, since no one 
> has done it, I am reiterating my request to have someone move icons.tar 
> and icons.patch from httpd/incoming to for_Apache_1.1b0. I realize I 
> forgot a header for icons.patch, here is one:

Now added as for_Apache_1.1b0/74.icons.patch, (with the new header) and
for_Apache_1.1b0/75.icons.tar respectively.

BE AWARE that 74 and 75 are a job lot. ;)

> I think that's it for now. Thanks.

You work too hard ;)

> Alexei


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