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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject rename for_Apache_1.1b0
Date Tue, 30 Jan 1996 11:58:58 GMT

Any objections if I rename "for_Apache_1.1b0" to "for_Apache_misc"?

the existing name doesn't fit the convention used so far. From what I
can see of the contents, it contains patches which can be considered
for inclusion at some later date (when they are moved to a specific
for_Apache_  directory.

This directory has also made it harder to track the highest patch
number. Can we stop numbering them while they sit in this limbo

The next free patch number is 85 I believe.

I've already created a for_apache_1.0.2 directory since it is likely
that we'll get such a beast today based on old votes on 1.0.1

As soon as I've grabbed a copy of 1.0.2 and seen it compile and run on
my machine I'm happy for it to be dropped into the public dist/

When I see 1.0.2 I'll revise my earlier vote to use 1.0.1 as a base for
the next release (Feb 17th ish)  which I'm still happy to call 1.1


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