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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: gnats bug database
Date Wed, 24 Jan 1996 15:01:59 GMT
> Long list deleted.
> Oh god, please don't do this. Apache is way too small to have zillions
> of bug cateogories and in any case this a a bad selection of
> categories.
> The categories should be chosen on functional grounds and not on their
> file location. You don't want to have categories for each OS either, there's
> a field in the report for specifying the environment so that you know what
> system the bug report occured on and bugs may exist across systems without
> the original submitter realising it.
> The end-user also has to know which category to submit the report too, if
> it's a bug such as "my system stops answering connections under heavy load"
> then they'll be a bit stick as to which file they should use as a
> category.
> I think categories should be
> configuration
> tools (htpasswd and so forth)
> server

Since we are a shared effort project, my thoughts are that it would
be nice to assign responsibility for certain portions of the code.
We can't do this with 3 categories. We currently have a better system
than this in place by at least bringing it to the attention of someone
responsible for certain OS problems.

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