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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: OS/2 port reviewed?
Date Mon, 22 Jan 1996 16:42:44 GMT
> My patch is to test integrating the OS/2 specific modifications into the base
> Apache source code. I belive my modifications should live well on any
> supported Apache  platform. I currently have about 20 known sites running
> Apache for OS/2. Ask your friends to goto and
> drop me a line I'm always looking for more testers/users.

Will do.  I tried patching 1.0.1 (from httpd/dist) with your patch.
I chose to remove the ^M and ^Z characters that got into the patch
from OS/2 land.  Also your patch refers to configure and configuration,
the UNIX files are Configur*, ie mixed case.  Did you introduce a
new pair of files into the distribution (I don't think so) or are
these meant to be the same files?  I chose to create links so that
patch wouldnt complain.

	% ln -s configure Configure
	% ln -s configuation Configuration

but this ended up creating a new file (mebbies that's how patch
works anyway and I'm just being clueless).  What's the story?

> Garey Smiley


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