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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: rsh sources?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 1996 18:00:19 GMT
In reply to Ben Laurie who said
> Because I am behind a firewall. I seem to be unique in that respect, at least
> in the Apache Group (apart from Paul, who is behind a firewall so tight even
> SOCKS won't help, apparently).
> I'll grab 1.2.12. But does it work with CVS? I know this is the whole point,
> but has anyone tested it?

I haven't tested it because they won't even allow outgoing ssh sessions from
here unless they're to "trusted" hosts but I'm 100% confident that
it will work.

cvs does all it's remote access by issuing rsh commands and ssh is
a completely drop in alternative for rsh except it does better

Once you're able to type ssh and get a sh on the remote box without typing
anything else (like uid and passwd) then cvs will work across it just fine.

Socksifying ssh actually buys you a lot more since you'll be able to tunnel
any command you want through it rather than just cvs.

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