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From sameer <>
Subject Re: I'll be in Palo Alto on Friday
Date Thu, 11 Jan 1996 17:17:56 GMT
	Ya know, if we want to go all out we can MBONE the damn
thing. If Organic isn't setup for MBONE I'll see if I can SGI MBONE
facility on short notice.
	(Although, IMO, the current state of the technology makes it
more pain than it is worth for teleconferencing. It's good for
one->many broadcasting, but not really teleconferencing.)

	But I like the idea of posting minutes etc if we end up making
decisions, etc.

> If this is more than just a social gathering, i.e. you start making
> project decisions, can we have minutes (just a summary of decisions
> made and why) posted to this list and can we have a chance to comment
> on them before they're cast in stone.
> The FreeBSD core team had one of these ad-hoc meetings about 12 months ago
> when a significant group of US folks happened to be in the same place at
> the same time and some of the decisions made without any regard for the
> non-US folks who couldn't be present caused some bad feeling in the group.
> It'd be a pity if something similar happened here since get togethers
> whenever possible are generally a good thing, just have regard for the
> fact that the rest of us are keen to participate in these things but simply
> can't due to the fact we're the other side of the world so please keep
> us informed.
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