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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: Whither 1.0.2?
Date Fri, 05 Jan 1996 00:56:43 GMT
Robert S. Thau liltingly intones:
>   But, out of curiosity... whatever happened to 1.0.1. As I recall, it 
>   contained some bug fixes that were supposed to be rather important and 
>   show-stopping. Yet, two weeks ago, the emails stopped, and nothing more 
>   was said. 
> ... but, for the record, before this happened, a patch vote was held,
> and results were announced.
Hmm, weird, that. There was also a timeout fix posted (though not formatted
as a patch). It seems to work fine here. Does anyone dislike it enough that
I shouldn't reformat it and submit it as a patch under the original author's
name? It does change timeout_name to a global...

Chuck Murcko	Telebase Systems, Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
As the poet said, "Only God can make a tree" -- probably because it's
so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.
		-- Woody Allen

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