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From Brian Clapper <>
Subject Re: UnixWare SVR4.2: Beware!!! (fwd)
Date Tue, 02 Jan 1996 21:08:32 GMT
>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Wilson <> writes:

Andrew> Ack sent.  More UnixWare stuff, from the previous poster.  This
Andrew> sounds like an important bit of info.  Is UnixWare the *only* OS
Andrew> affected by this hairy library stuff?


Andrew> > Here are some of the significant lines from my Configuration file:
Andrew> >
Andrew> > LFLAGS=
Andrew> > EXTRA_LIBS=
Andrew> > AUX_CFLAGS= -DSVR4
Andrew> > AUX_LIBS= -lsocket -lnsl -lc -L /usr/ucblib -ldbm -lucb

You have to be *really* careful with the UnixWare BSD compatibility
libraries.  I've had cases where I've blithely used "-L/usr/ucblib ..."
and had perfectly good software start dumping core, because I inadvertently
pulled in incompatible stdio routines.  The BSD compatibility library's
stdio routines appear to be just one of a set of things that aren't
compatible with the regular SVR4.2 routines in UnixWare.  Explicitly
specifying "-lc", as indicated above, sometimes solves the problems.  Other
times, it won't.  I've had cases where I've tracked down the exact BSD
routines being used (e.g., bcopy(), etc.), manually extracted just *those*
objects from /usr/ucblib/libucb.a, dropped them into a local library I
linked against, all so I could be absolutely positive I wasn't getting the
wrong stuff from the compatibility library.

It's a mess.
Brian Clapper,,
UnixWare: Just Say No.

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