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From Samuel Tardieu <>
Subject Re: Voting Summary
Date Thu, 07 Dec 1995 15:03:16 GMT
>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Laurie <> writes:

Ben> In fact, I've found it at
Ben> Version 1.6 - any guesses as to
Ben> whether that's up to date? (Hmmm ... 2.3 kB/s - not too bad for
Ben> the Internet).

1.6 is the latest official release.

Ben> I've also been reading the FAQ, and it looks like it'll be pretty
Ben> easy to admin. What would be required to use it for Apache would
Ben> be a server with plenty of disk space, with core members given
Ben> logins and FTP access to their home dirs (I guess), unless we
Ben> want to play with NFS mounts across the Internet (gulp).

To use CVS's remote features on a portable way (i.e. without using
Kerberos authentication), all the developpers need to have an account
with 'rsh' access on a machine on which the source repository is
accessible. No need for FTP access.

"La cervelle des petits enfants, ca doit avoir comme un petit gout de noisette"
                                                       Charles Baudelaire

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