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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Modules
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 16:42:00 GMT
>I was wondering what for of documentation David R needed to include in
>the next version of his manual?

The manual is written in SGML. (Really.)
I post-process the *.html files in the docs/ subdirectory, removing all
lines between
<!--%hypertext -->
<!--/%hypertext -->

pairs, and converting
<!--%plaintext xxxx--> to
interpreting any entity references.

The output of the post-processing of all the input files is (essentially)
concatenated to form the SGML input for the sgml2html converter.

The SGML parser uses the HTML 2.0 DTD, so all the HTML documentation must
conform to this specification. The parser recognises the ?INDEX processing
<?INDEX xxxx>
is converted to \index{xxxx} in the latex output.

I had to invent the <!--%plaintext --> pre-processing because some browsers
choked on <?INDEX xxxx> instead of ignoring it. Also, 
<!--%plaintext <?INDEX entry>-->
didn't work either, as some browers terminated the comment on '>' instead
of '-->', so I fixed the post-processor to interpret
<!--%plaintext &lt;?INDEX entry&gt;-->
<?INDEX entry>

Yuk, yuk.

Anyway, if you want to provide some documentation for the manual, have a
look at the mod_xxx.html files on hyperreal.

Here is a pro forma example.

mod_foobar.html contains:
<!--%hypertext -->
<title>Apache module mod_foobar</title>

<IMG SRC="../images/apache_sub.gif" ALT="">
<!--/%hypertext -->
<h1>Module mod_foobar</h1>

This module is contained in the <code>mod_foobar.c</code> file, and
is compiled in by default. It provides for .foobar files.
Any file with mime type <code>application/x-foo-bar</code> will be
processed by this module.
<!--%plaintext &lt;?INDEX {\tt application/x-foo-bar} mime type&gt; -->
<!--%plaintext &lt;?INDEX Foobar filess&gt; -->

A summary of FooBar here.

<!--%hypertext -->
<li><A HREF="#foobar">FooBar</A>
<!--/%hypertext -->

<A name="foobar"><h2>FooBar</h2></A>
<!--%plaintext &lt;?INDEX {\tt FooBar} directive&gt; -->
<strong>Syntax:</strong> FooBar <em>wom</em><br>
<strong>Default:</strong> <code>FooBar wibble</code><br>
<Strong>Context:</strong> server config, virtual host, directory, .htaccess<br>
<Strong>Override:</strong> Options<br>
<strong>Status:</strong> Base<br>
<strong>Module:</strong> mod_foobar<p>

The FooBar directives controls the foobar.
<!--%hypertext -->

<A HREF="../"><IMG SRC="../images/apache_home.gif" ALT="Home"></A>
<A HREF="./"><IMG SRC="../images/apache_index.gif" ALT="Index"></A>

<!--/%hypertext -->

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