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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Generalising Connections
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:24:00 GMT
>BTW, what is "chunked content encoding", and why can extra headers be sent?
>And why does this cause a problem?

Actaully I mean "chunked transfer coding".
It's an HTTP/1.1 proposal for sending multiple documents over a single
connection when you don't know the length of the document in advance
(and hence can't send a Content-Length: header to tell the client how much
data to read).

The encoding is
  chunk-size-in-hex chunk-data  chunk-size-in-hex chunk-data ....
  "0" footer

i.e. it terminates with a zero-length chunk.
The footer can contain headers like Last-Modified.

It doesn't cause any problems, but I think we want a mechanism for modules
to send these post-object headers; for example mod_include could determine
Last-Modified after it had sent the data.


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