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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: CVS and generalising connections
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:10:00 GMT
Paul wrote:
>> Ok, it seems to me that:
>> 1. The Apache Group delegates the development of an alpha version of 1.1
>>    to a group of programmers. The programmers are those with write access to
>>    the source.
>Umm, I'm not sure there's any distinction to be made here. You need to
>clarify what you think the Apache group is since you make some
>distinctions below too.
>> 2. Individuals must request access on the basis that they are making
>>    significant changes; small modifications should be submitted as patches
>>    in the normal way.
>> 3. Module development should be somewhat separate; developers of
>>    mop_imap, for example, should not need write access to the whole Apache
>>    source for them to work efficiently.
>> 4. New user features should be voted on by the whole Apache Group.
>I'm really against all this voting nonsense. It's unecessarily bureaucratic
>in that it takes more time to get a decision made than it does to do the
>development and that is not something that bodes well long term.
>> 5. New program developments (e.g. design of data structures) should be voted
>>    on primarilty by the programmers, but with votes allowed from the Group
>>    as a whole.
>As above.
>Like I said in a previous message, cvs doesn't remove the need for 
>co-operation. If someone thinks a re-design of core data structures would
>make things simpler/better/whatever, then I'd expect that they raise
>the proposal in this list and have the technical issues discussed before
>implementing any changes. There's really no need for all this formalistic
>procedure though.

Ok, as long as everyone knows what's expected of them.

>> 6. We should aim to get the module API finialised first, so that the module
>>    developers can catch up.
>I don't think you're getting the idea about cvs.

Clearly not.
I'm getting the impression that once we start using CVS, then everybody
connected with the development must use CVS. This sounds like a bad idea to
me; doesn't this place an unnecessarily high obstacle in the way of new
members of the group? (i.e. I had assumed above that only some of the
Apache Group would be involved in this CVS thing.)

>We should get cvs working as soon as possible. That way you have revision
>history of all the changes that take place, which is something we don't
>currently have, at least, not as easily.

I'm all in favour of that! But when I tried to get the Group to use
proper GNU-style ChangeLog entries, nobody was interested...


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