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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Tue, 19 Dec 1995 12:35:00 GMT
> > This raises a good point. Is the fix for this as simple as changing
> > the log modules to open and close the file before writing?
>        It is, yes, but I fear the performance hit. For *every* hit on
>the web server you'll then have an open/write/close, rather than just
>a write.. 
>        I think that if you have large #s of virtual hosts then you
>should use mod_log_config to create one log file and then parse it
>daily or something.

Absolutely! This is the only way to go.

_However_, if you change your log-file format, then you need your own
ad hoc log file parser. This is a big dis-incentive for many admins.

What we need is a new log file format; CLF 3. Here are my suggestions:

1. A new field for the virtual host. "-" if the server has only one host
   or if the host is the 'main' host.
   The virtual host is _either_ that specified by the <VirtualHost> directive,
   _or_ the value of the Host: header in the request.

2. The date be in the ISO format, so that date comparisons can be done by
   string comparisons.

3. The fixed length fields should be at the start of a log record, to
   aid parsing.

What to the NCSA folks think about this?


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