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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: CVS and generalising connections
Date Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:57:00 GMT
> CVS will be installed and set up on, and used for all further
> development of Apache 1.1 onwards.
> Deadline: Tuesday 19th Dec, 09:00 GMT.

I vote -1; if you change this to 'a pilot project to use CVS for the
development of Apache 1.1' then you'd get my +1.

> Note that this doesn't imply that we are committed to CVS, its use can be
> removed by a further vote.

I'd rather we committed ourself to voting again on this later...

> Because of the power of CVS for harm as well as good, I also propose that we
> have some rules for the use of CVS. I suggest these as a starting point:
> 1. Read only source access: granted to all comers.
> 2. Write source access: granted by a vote (under the same rules as patches)
> by the Apache Group [possible variation: by those members of the Apache Group
> with write source access]. Revoked by a similar vote (except the member in
> question may not vote) [possible variation: or by an administrator].
> 3. Administrator access: granted by a vote as write source access, but with
> the proviso that the owner of the CVS host may veto (because of security
> implications). Revoked by a similar vote, or by the CVS host owner at his
> discretion. Administrator access of course implies write source access.

Ok, it seems to me that:
1. The Apache Group delegates the development of an alpha version of 1.1
   to a group of programmers. The programmers are those with write access to
   the source.

2. Individuals must request access on the basis that they are making
   significant changes; small modifications should be submitted as patches
   in the normal way.

3. Module development should be somewhat separate; developers of
   mop_imap, for example, should not need write access to the whole Apache
   source for them to work efficiently.

4. New user features should be voted on by the whole Apache Group.

5. New program developments (e.g. design of data structures) should be voted
   on primarilty by the programmers, but with votes allowed from the Group
   as a whole.

6. We should aim to get the module API finialised first, so that the module
   developers can catch up.


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