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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:31:00 GMT
Dean wrote:
> In message <>, Randy Terbush writes:
> >> You can cache open log handles.  Have a configuration directive
> >> LogCacheSize, and a way to seed the cache in the parent httpd.  Then the
> >> children just close something when they need a different handle.
> >
> >How can you do this without the parent maintaining the open descriptor?
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding the original problem.  I was under the
> impression that if we assume that every virtual server has its own log
> files, say 2 of them, then you run out of handles fast.  But if you
> assume that not all of your virtual servers are as busy as the others
> then you don't need to have all those logs open.  So pre-open the ones
> that are busy, and open the others as required.
> But then a way to extend this is to keep a cache of already open
> file handles and close old handles as new ones have to be opened.
> The children can communicate with the parent to give the parent an idea
> of which virtual servers are busy so that the parent can pre-seed the
> cache for the forks.

Currently the children cannot open the log files because they don't have
permission, as they do not run as root.

>But I seem to be able to easily get 1024 file handles under Solaris 2.4,
>2500 under IRIX 5.3, and 6668 under BSDI 2.0 without doing anything
>really special.  So what's all the fuss? ;)

No. You can have 1024 file descriptors under Solaris 2.4, but only 256
file handles (i.e. a FILE * returned by fopen.)


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