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From (David Robinson)
Subject New makefile
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 12:40:00 GMT
I've re-uploaded my new makefile for Apache as


* No need for the user to run Configure; make runs the script as necessary.
* The user do not have to wade through the makefile finding his OS;
  instead he type make <system> (less error-prone).
* For a basic build, no files need be edited.

Here's the new INSTALL file:

Simple compilation of Apache

1. Type "make". This lists the machines apache can be built for; chose the
   target that best matches your system.
2. Type "make <target>" substituting your system name for <target>.

Expert compilation of Apache

This release of Apache supports the notion of "optional modules". Follow
these steps if you wish to select optional modules, or adjust the
compilation options.

1. Edit the file This lists the modules which have been compiled
   in, and also names the files containing them. You will need to uncomment
   lines corresponding to those optional modules you wish to include or add
   new lines corresponding to custom modules you have written. See API.html
   for preliminary docs on how to do that.

   Note that DBM auth has to be explicitly configured in, if you want it;
   just uncomment the corresponding line.

2. Edit the options at the start of Makefile. If preferred, the makefile can
   be left untouched, and the options passed to make on the command line.

3. Type "make <target>", where <target> is one of the systems listed by
   "make". If your system is not listed, then use "unknown". You can set
   make variables on the command line; for example,
   "make solaris CC=cc CFLAGS=-O"

OS-Specific Notes

FreeBSD: Only add -m486 to EXTRA_FLAGS if you have 486 binary support in your

IRIX:    If you are using NIS and want user-supported directories, add "-lsun"
         to EXTRA_LIBS.

Linux:   Only add -m486 to EXTRA_FLAGS if you have 486 binary support in your

SCO ODT: You will need libcrypt_i from, files /SLS/lng225b.Z and
         Ignore warning C4047: 'initializing' : different levels of indirection
         when compiling http_config.c; this is an error in the compiler.
         Don't use the -Oe option to the 3.0.0a development system when
         compiling mod_imap.c; it causes cc to die.

To install the new makefile in Apache 0.8.[89]

1. Delete Configure, Configuration, Makefile, Makefile.tmpl, INSTALL
2. Unpack the tar file (modbuild, Makefile,, INSTALL).


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