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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Survey information...and names for Apache
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 18:02:00 GMT
>>       In order for SSL hooks in Apache to be official I think the
>> following is necessary:
>> A) Primary Apache ftp site is outside the US
>Does that mean that a site in country X can be nominated as the
>"primary" site and then hyperreal's /dist directory would mirror
>the sources/binaries from X?
>If that's all there is to it, then it's a pain but trivial.
>I guess the trick is to not export the sensitive code out of the US
>to X. So future builds would need to be made outside of the USA?.

However, the US mirror would have to be set up so that non-US users
could not access the software on it.

Also, no US citizen could be involved in the Apache software project,
as that would make them a collaborator. (Collaboration = export.)

>> C) Changes to apache to support os_conn * rather than FILE *, by default.
>If you already have portable patches, then this sounds easy.

If this does what I think it does, then I would want this implemented anyway,
so that there could be a mod_cache which would cache the output of other


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