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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: One more patch for 1.0.0
Date Wed, 13 Dec 1995 12:21:04 GMT
> Beware; at this rate we may have another Shambhala (or even another Apache).

This is why we need to keep two server versions.  One with only bugfixes
for the last major release, and another to _finally_ allow some feature
enhancements.  Keep-Alives, MD5, Byte Ranges...

Using CVS would make this so much easier - a development branch for
essential bug fixes can be maintained and merged with the main development
work.  Keeping track of patches for the two versions is going to be
horrible otherwise. 

Has anything been decided on CVS yet?  I've been using it locally for a
few days and it seems ideal; wonder how it will stand up to transfers over
a remote connection with 42% packet loss! (hyperreal @1220GMT)

Mark J Cox, -- URL:
University of Bradford, England ---------- tel +44.1274.384070/fax 391333

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