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From Matthew Gray <>
Subject Re: ISAPI "standard"
Date Tue, 12 Dec 1995 23:47:41 GMT
> How do you read/write the request/response?

Either through the ServerSupportFunction(), or WriteClient() (another 
server callback).  There is also ReadClient().

> It should be quite easy using dlopen() etc on those machines that support this.
> (Solaris 2 and SunOS 4, at least.) _However_, I haven't looked to see
> whether the shared library can call server routines by symbol name;
> I have this suspicion that the server will have to pass pointers to
> any useful routines that the library might want to call.

Ok, this is good to know.  I'd never looked at dlopen() before and you're 
right, it shouldn't be hard at all.  What platforms don't besides Ultrix 
and old versions of BSD?


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