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From Matthew Gray <>
Subject Re: ISAPI "standard"
Date Sat, 09 Dec 1995 09:32:54 GMT
> ISAPI was developed via a collaboration with Microsoft Corp., and other Web  
> vendors. Lee Levitt, manager of business development for Process, told  
> Interactive Age Daily all the major Web server players, with one exception,  
> either have endorsed it already or will endorse it soon. "Netscape will be the  
> main hold-out, and they seem bent on creating their own standards, whether  
> it's HTML, security, or application interfaces," he said.

I was at Microsoft in September when they were just going to alpha with 
their server and were figuring out the details of ISAPI.  I was there 
to meet with J. Allard, Scott Hensen, Lee Fisher and other members of 
Microsofts Internet BSD (Business Systems Development) team.

Their original API design had some substantial flaws in it (not to say that 
it doesn't still), and I talked to them a lot about Apache and its API.  
A number of the suggestions I made ended up making it into the final API, 
so indirectly the Apache group has affected the development of this 
"standard". :-)

If anyone is thinking of pursuing adding ISAPI support to Apache, I would 
be interested in talking as I may pursue this myself and I can call J. and 
see what sort of assistance we might get from them.

Overall, it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate.

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