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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Survey information...and names for Apache
Date Tue, 05 Dec 1995 05:33:52 GMT
On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Geoff White wrote:
>         The server that I would LIKE to build/participate in building would
>         have the following features:
>         o       Apache 1.0 base
>         o       Enhance and clean-up the "Module API"

Could you elaborate as to what it doesn't do cleanly, what specifically 
should change?  Seems like for what it was designed for, it's pretty 
clean - I think the only thing people have expressed wanting to be able 
to do is some sort of pipelining (so for example, CGI scripts created by 
mod_cgi could have SSI's which are parsed by mod_include).  

>         o       Create a New "Protocol API"

This is an area where you, Ben Laurie, and probably Sameer know what's 
needed best of all, so maybe you could come up with a proposal API?  Rob 
(Thau), anything you want to add now that would help them?  Maybe Simon 
Spero could give feedback as to if a protocol API could support HTTP-NG - 
I have a feeling -NG support would need more out of an API than SSL/SHTTP 
would, so maybe that's ambitious.  Hmm.

>         o       Server core modifications to make the code MT safe

I know rst spent a fair amount of effort to make sure it was MT safe - 
what's not?

>         o       Extra work on the DLD module

Okay, sure.

>         If we had these features then I believe the following would happen:
>         1) We could have plug-and-play compatibility for free and "commercial"
>            security technology (Ben's SSL work and Teressa's SWT), commercial
>            add-ons could be sold as binaries that are dynamically loaded thus
>            protecting their intellectual property, and keeping Apache free.
>            all of the changes to Apache outlined above could be freely given 
>            back to the Apache effort.


>         2) A good platform from which people could do affordable HTTP-NG
>            and other types of Web research.

This would be nice, yes.

>         3) A solid platform for various other server technologies that
>            need to be developed.  We need to prototype some new things
>            for future projects here, the current Apache is good but not quite
>            good enough to seemlessly do protocol reasearch, a Protocol
>            API would be a good solution.

W3C just came out with a "miniserver", a "server frame work that can be used
as a basis for writing portable servers".  Based on their wwwlib and 
httpd, maybe they have some thoughts in this direction.

>         4) A viable alternative to commercial servers that might have some
>            other corporation's or government's agenda at stake. Some of the
>            recent news reports give me the willies :)

What, Key Escrow got you down?  :)

Anyways, these are all great ideas, and I hope the people who are 
qualified to act on them can find the time to do so - I know I'm not so 
I'll stay out of the way.  However, I have been collecting ideas towards 
the "where do we go from here" discussion - at least, a list of what 
stuff we could/should be hacking on, like persistant connections, md5 
authentication, etc.  Plus, if I had about 4 more hours a day I could 
make what it really deserves to be, but that's another 
issue... I'll post about this later.  


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