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From "David M. Oliver" <>
Subject re: sponsorship of
Date Mon, 04 Dec 1995 01:22:18 GMT
On Sun, 3 Dec 1995, Paul Richards wrote:

> I disagree, if Apache is going to really compete with people like
> Netscape in the corporate world it needs a more formal organisation
> behind it becuase the people who sign checks in these places *like*
> signing checks and would rather buy a server from Netscape than
> run a free one. Having a well known hardware vendor be a sponsor would be good
> kudos as long as the deal doesn't restrict the way the project can be run.

	I agree with the first part to some degree, but not with the second.  

	It is not really that people like to sign checks just for the
	sake of spending.  They spend because they think that money 
	buys them comfort - the money is a lever against the seller
	(after all, in U.S. contract law, the buyer _always_ have to
	give the seller something - e.g. $1.00 at least - to make an
	agreement a legal "contract").  With free-ware, there is no
	"contract" and that cuts both ways.

	My opinion, especially following I/World, is that there is
	growing a larger and larger population of information sellers
	who _need_ a comfortable solution.  Primarily that means 
	support.  Especially with over 50% of the .COM domain still
	on freeware servers there is no need to apolgize for being
	freeware.  But good freeware has a balance of support.  I see
	GNU software, and to a certain extent Linux software, as a
	good example (wherein there are commercial operations supporting
	the software in a "real" way).  

	Having a hardware vendor's logo on your page doesnt legitimize
	Apache.  What legitimizes Apache is a superior product.  This
	now needs to be balanced with support such that buyers get the
	idea that they'll have something to count on for the long haul.

Dave Oliver

| David Oliver                          |
| Managing Director-Technology                Newshare Corporation |

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