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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: mod_actions (patch and questions)
Date Sun, 17 Dec 1995 09:07:03 GMT
(*sigh* Power goes out for three days, our ISP is supposed to queue our
incoming mail in that case and forward it to us... its mailer took it, and
no one's seen it since. So I went and read the archives. Anyhow.)

Regarding mod_actions... Yes, hi, I wrote it, I'm a part of this group. 
As soon as I get it right, I'd like to get it included in a 1.1-ish
release, as part of the server. I think it's useful enough (and it makes
it so WebSTAR no longer has something we don't.)

As for the patches, I've already figured out the NULL problem (someone 
pointed it out a couple weeks ago), and the QUERY_STRING thing. Hadn't 
thought of the need to re-escape the uri, but it's a good idea. I still 
want to do some more testing here, then I'll upload a new version of the 
module. (later this weekend most likely)

Oh, and the difference between mod_actions.c and mod_action.c is that 
mod_action.c is a bad idea. mod_actions.c is.

And another question... what's a good example use of this module. 
Something we can stick in srm.conf-dist along with a cgi-bin thing, to
give an example. The best one, imagemaps, is already built into the
server, as are server-side includes, another candidate. Anyone got any
good ideas? 

Okay, I'll stop talking now.

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